CRE8B!Z (grantHELP)

Steve Brady


Phone: 1300 273 824 (1300 CRE8 BIZ)
Mobile: 0409 207 008

By way of background to our ‘grantHELP’ services:

  • We’ve been successfully setting up, managing, applying for and administering hundreds of Government and Philanthropic grant applications since 1989;
  • We work consultatively and collaboratively with Clients;
  • We are very successful with ‘competitive grant’ applications because we use a unique ‘screening’ process ‘before we apply’ for a grant,
  • We also work with Clients needs and budgets, for example, if Clients provide most of the material, then our efforts are reduced and so are our fees;
  • Applications are only submitted on approval by Client, i.e. our Client always has the ‘final say’ and 'signs off' on all work that we assist them with;
  • We don't disguise our fees into a potential grant's scope of works budget, like many commission based grant writers do;
  • We don’t charge 10% to 20% of the amount of grant funds sort;
  • We work with a very broad range of grant programs, not just a few;
  • We are also trained by all the larger grant providers as specialist grant writers, so we know what grant programs want in their application and we are also acutely aware of how they operate internally once they receive a grant application.