BIT.C (Business IT & Communications)

Geoff Crowl


Address: 17 Pepperdine Way Highton Geelong VIC 3216


Contact Number: 03 5200 3397 or 0414 885 000

BIT.C is s a consulting organisation providing technical and management support for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), corporations and government looking to growth their businesses. By leveraging new generation ICT, convergent and wireless technologies and following Lean methodologies they guide organisations through the maze of issues organisations must face.

They have great depth of experience in building management and reporting systems, providing guidance in change management and implementation. Drawing expertise from various sectors we provide general and expert advice in a large range of business development programs and project management.

Through practical and technical expertise and a background in finance and software development, they work with other professionals in systems development, manufacturing and training to offer solution packages incorporating all facets of activity in business development programs.